Bio and CV:

JSTShowreel2014 from Sam Taskis on Vimeo.
JST Character and Asset Artist


A Young Digital Artist with a goal to succeed in every challenge and to one day lead and inspire.

Interests include traditional/digital art, photography, fencing, ukulele, drumming and socialising. Studied at the University of Hertfordshire doing BA Hons Animation: Games Art ( and Currently aiming to specialise in 3D character creation, character animation and asset modelling; but also has interest in Environment modelling and rendering. Has a lot of experience in life drawing and traditional art. An enthusiastic, social and extremely creative team player and learner. As well as being able to work independently, I am also adept at taking on a leadership role. I am adaptable and hard-working and have made major contributions in many group projects, including Mock (In-Game) Video Game Trailers.

Has 4 years experience in the Army Cadet Force (48 SQN RLC). Left as a 4 star Corporal SCIC (Senior Cadet Instructor Course) with weapons safety handling and marksmanship, first aid, survival and orienteering training.

Recent experience:

Character and Asset Artist for the Day Z mod ( – July 2013 to Present

Character and Asset Artist for the Terminator Rising mod ( – Dec 2013 to present

Character and Asset Artist for the Arma 3 2017  mod ( – May 2015 to present

Character concept and development artist for the Xception video Game Project – Nov 2013 to Present

Aardman Animations trainee (Jul 2011-Aug 2011, Jul 2010-Aug 2010).  Received extensive training in Autodesk® Maya® 3D animation software at Aardman Animations Ferry Close studios over two summer breaks.

Student Proctor and Student Representative (Aug 2010-Jun 2012).  My duties as Student Proctor included the maintenance of equipment within the University creative labs to a high standard and to be responsible for keeping the facilities open for 3 to 4 hours after lectures, so that they could be safely made available to the students.  As a Student Representative, I facilitated the communications between students and the Department’s staff, as well as organising social events such as game and movie nights.

University of Herfordshire SpeedPainting Society Treasurer and Founding Lecturer (Aug 2011-Jul 2012): My duties include allocation of financial and technical resources and encouraging and canvassing students from outside the course to visit and take part. I have also lectured to Fine Art and Special Effects students from our School of Creative Arts who have now become proficient in Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite and Pixologic ZBrush.

Attended St Edward’s Church of England School Sixth Form (Sep 2007 – Jul 2009)

Attended Emerson Park School (Sep 2002 – Jul 2007)

Interests and activities:

* Digital / Traditional art and photography
* Army Cadet Force – 48SQN RLC – specialist training in First Aid, Weapon Handling and SCIC
* Drumming and Ukelele
* Fencing and Kendo   (began fencing at the University of Hertfordshire and received a half colour award for representing the University at county level. Was also a participant to other martial arts including Kendo, Gatka and Krav Maga).


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